April 04, 2019

Rep. Moulton Announces Olin Superfund Site Named Top EPA Priority

WASHINGTON — This week, the US Environmental Protection Agency has placed the Olin Superfund site in Wilmington on the Administrator’s Emphasis List, meaning it is on the top of the EPA’s to-do list.

In a press release announcing the news, the EPA cited the community’s coordinated effort to demonstrate the sites potential for economic development.

Representative Seth Moulton (MA-06) has been working with state and local leaders and the community’s business owners to prime the area for redevelopment.

“Cleaning up our environment creates jobs and improves our cities and towns--not to mention leaving a healthier planet for our kids. Wilmington will be safer and healthier, and its economy will be stronger, when the Olin Site is restored,” Moulton said. “We got this designation thanks to the strong cooperation between local businesses and leaders at every level--clearly the EPA saw the united front within our community to fix this problem.”

State Representative Dave Robertson said: “I am very pleased to hear about this great news that the EPA expedited the Olin Chemical Site. This is the culmination of literally years of work, debate, and cooperation by the town, state and federal governments. I hope that the work proceeds quickly, and I will be sure to watch closely with Congressman Moulton to ensure the clean-up is not rushed, but rather to the standards that Wilmington residents deserve.”

The EPA added the Olin Chemical Superfund site to its Administrator’s Emphasis on April 1, 2019, with “the goal of expediting the selection of a remedy to remediate soil, surface water, and areas of highest ground contamination”. Since the list’s inception, 15 cites across the country have been added and successfully removed from the list. The EPA’s full press release can be found here.