April 18, 2019

Moulton Statement on the Release of the Mueller Report

SALEM, Mass.—Today, following the delivery of the redacted version of the Mueller Report to Congress, Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA) made the following statement:

We learned today that the president stated that the Mueller Report would end his presidency. But whether or not he is guilty of conspiracy is not the most serious concern here. Every American, whether we support the president or not, should want to know why Vladimir Putin and Russia worked so hard to get President Trump elected. That unmistakable conclusion of the report is the real threat to our nation.

This is where Congress should focus its oversight of the Administration--as mandated by our Constitution--in the months ahead. Partisanship should end when it comes to our national security.

Russia is the only country on earth that could literally end all life in the United States. Democratic and Republican presidents alike have faced down the Russian threat for two generations. All Americans should know why Putin views this president as an exception.