April 13, 2021

Moulton Statement on President Biden’s Afghanistan Announcement

WASHINGTON — Today The Washington Post, citing government sources on background, reported that President Biden will remove all U.S. service members from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA) made the following statement after the reports: 

It is far more difficult to end a war than to start one. Almost 20 years on, it is clear we won’t win the war in Afghanistan, but there are still devastating ways we could lose. I am encouraged that President Biden will extend the deadline for our withdrawal beyond the May 1st deadline arbitrarily set by President Trump. 

As we approach September, there are three primary factors we need to consider. We must maintain a presence in the region to counter the threat of terrorism against the United States. We must support the stability of the Afghan government so that the Afghan people keep the rights they have gained since the Taliban were forced from power. And, we must ensure that the future situation in Afghanistan doesn’t contribute to instability in a region where Pakistan has nuclear weapons and Iran desperately wants influence. 

If we have learned anything in the last 20 years it is that there is nothing worse for America’s service members than leaving positions and returning the next year with more troops to fight and die for the same goals we failed to achieve the last time we were there. President Trump set us up to repeat the failures of the past when he attempted to use ending the war for his reelection bid. President Biden’s reported decision to delay the May 1st deadline is the right decision for our service members and for our allies.

I want to bring home our troops, but we must bring them home for good.