September 13, 2021

Moulton Statement on Incidents of Racial Profiling in Danvers and Beverly

WASHINGTON — Following the incidents of racial profiling in Danvers and Beverly, Representative Seth Moulton released the following statement

“In just about a week, my office has received reports of at least two incidents of racial profiling in the Sixth District. Both incidents were directed at members of our Black community. I shouldn’t have to say this, but let me be perfectly clear: Racism, racial profiling and any form of discrimination have absolutely no place in our community or anywhere else.

These experiences are degrading and dehumanizing. For so long, simply living while Black has caused white people and other groups to view their neighbors as objects of suspicion and scrutiny, unworthy of existing in certain spaces, in these cases at an apple orchard or on a school board. When we fail to call it out or dismiss it as the “race card,” not only are we complicit but we contribute to a culture that questions the motives of those speaking out and demanding the bare minimum: the constitutional rights to which they are entitled by birth.

Too many of us watch viral videos and think what we are seeing could never happen here. They happened here twice this week. 

Every single member of our community, and especially the white members of our community, must now do the hard work of change. We have to look ourselves in the mirror and determine to force change. And when we see incidents like the two that happened this week, we need to not just be outraged, we need to intervene. How many families at the apple orchard or the school board meeting saw what was happening and turned a blind eye or said nothing because it was uncomfortable? 

Just this past year, many of us stood together and proclaimed that ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It feels good to protest and hold a sign. People got likes and clicks for it, but the act means nothing if we do not actually make changes or insist on consequences when the actions of white people—especially people we know—demean our Black neighbors and friends.”