February 29, 2020

Moulton Statement on Afghan Troop Withdrawal

ROCKPORT, Mass. — Following the announcement today that the United States has tentatively reached a deal with the Afghan Taliban that includes a troop drawdown, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) made the following statement:

“Lasting peace is America’s goal in every conflict, and that often requires negotiating with our enemies. But I do not trust the Taliban, and they have given us little reason to believe we should. Reducing our troop levels to where we were in this forever war when Trump took office means little. What we need is a long-term strategy that Congress debates and approves, and the American public—and, most importantly, our troops—understand. The right answer is to have a minimal counter-terror force in Afghanistan to keep our homeland safe from international terrorism, a real and persistent threat. That’s how we end this war and continue to keep Americans safe, regardless of whether the Taliban abide by this agreement.”