May 08, 2019

Moulton Statement on Iran

WASHINGTON — Today Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA) issued the following statement in response to Iran’s plans to end compliance with parts of the Iran Nuclear Deal:

Exactly one year ago today, President Trump decided to unilaterally abandon the entire Iran Deal. Let’s be clear: that decision made our world more dangerous and America less secure. It has driven a wedge between our closest allies and us, and that decision set the stage for Iran’s announcement that it will stop complying with parts of the Iran Nuclear Deal until it sees sanctions relief from our European allies.

Every day, this White House moves us closer to the brink of war with Iran. President Trump is not doing this alone--John Bolton is telling him what to do. Bolton did the same with President George W. Bush and Iraq. As someone sent four times to that misguided war, I have seen the costs of Bolton’s disastrous foreign policy in a way he never will –firsthand, and at the loss of thousands of American lives.

America must never choose the path of war when we are able to build peace and strength through other means. Iran should not have nuclear weapons, and the Iran Deal halted their progress. Trump and Bolton are making it more likely every day that Iran becomes a nuclear power.