July 02, 2020

Moulton Devotes Independence Day Message to Freedom in Hong Kong

SALEM, Mass.— Today, Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA) issued the following statement heading into the Independence Day weekend:

As we celebrate Independence Day, we must never forget that throughout history, through good times and bad, people always choose freedom and self-government over tyranny. We also know that the success of bold experiments in democracy, including our own, are far from guaranteed.

Since March of last year, like many Americans, the new generation rising in Hong Kong has inspired me and reminded me of the stories we learn in school in Massachusetts of how our own country was founded.

Despite a once-in-a-century pandemic, brave people in Hong Kong have stood up to mainland China’s powerful communist party with nothing but umbrellas and spray paint, demanding self-rule. They have drawn the free world’s attention and admiration.

Days ago, the CCP cracked down on protests in Hong Kong and began persecuting these protestors with abandon. Then they passed a “national security” law that falsely equated peacefully protesting to secession, terrorism, subversion of state power, and collusion with foreign entities. We have already witnessed protestors arrested under the new law for actions as simple as holding a flag that carry possible sentences of life imprisonment.

China’s leaders should know that the world is watching. Last night the House of Representatives voted to sanction CCP leaders for this behavior with a bill imposing sanctions on companies that violate the political and economic autonomy of Hong Kong.

This weekend, on this most unusual Fourth of July, let’s recommit ourselves to the cause of freedom, self-government, and the fundamental rights of free speech and free assembly—the ideals upon which we were founded and that we share with the people of Hong Kong. Let’s celebrate this because of what American patriots started in Boston in 1776: We are ruled not by kings, dictators, or tyrants, but by the people we choose. And let’s work to support the people who today stand on the ramparts of freedom around the world, struggling to achieve the same ideals: freedom, liberty, and government of, by, and for the people.

Happy Fourth of July.