August 31, 2022

Moulton Receives Highest Ranking in House of Representatives for Pro-Afghan SIV Policies and Actions

Salem, Mass.— On the one-year anniversary of America’s final exit from Afghanistan, Congressman Seth Moulton has received the highest ranking in the House of Representatives from the Voice for Refuge Action Fund for his commitment to uphold the promise to protect Afghan SIVs, allies, and at-risk populations. 

Congressman Moulton has worked relentlessly in support of the interpreters, translators, and other critical allies who put their lives on the line to support Americans in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Last June, he worked with Human Rights First to put forward a plan to evacuate Afghan allies and their families in the lead up to the final withdrawal from Afghanistan. Moulton’s office worked around the clock to assist as many Afghan allies as possible in the final days of the war and continue to assist with dozens of cases today. 

Moulton also introduced the WELCOMED Act, which was signed into law last October and provides Afghan refugees on humanitarian parole with the benefits they need to start a life in the United States. 

Moulton’s amendment to expand eligibility for the Afghan SIV program to those injured or wounded prior to reaching the standard one year of qualifying service was included in the House version of the FY2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed by the chamber earlier this summer.

Serving as a Marine in Iraq, Congressman Moulton has firsthand experience working with local translators. He credits his Iraqi translator, Mohammed, with saving his life. He continues to advocate for changes to the SIV program that would expedite the process for the thousands of applicants still waiting in the pipeline.    

By evaluating all Congressional actions between April 2021 through July 2022, Voice for Refuge Action Fund has scored and ranked every member of Congress based on their actions to uphold the promise to protect Afghan SIVs, allies, and at-risk populations. Moulton received a score of 18.55, the highest in the House and the second highest in the United States Congress.