November 28, 2017

North-South Rail Link

Connecting North and South Stations is the single most transformative project our region can conceive. The North-South Rail link is the key to job growth in the Northeast.

The Problem

Massachusetts was recently ranked the number 1 state in the country by the U.S. News & World Report. Greater Boston is a hub for innovation: we have the best hospitals, colleges, and universities in the world. Yet in the same study, Massachusetts was ranked 45th in Transportation, 47th in road quality and commute times, 47th in affordability, and 45th in equality. If we want to continue to succeed for years to come, we must invest in our transportation infrastructure. Delays currently cost the Commonwealth a staggering $8.3 billion dollars a year—a total of $1,700 per commuter. Greater Boston’s population is expected to grow by 430,000 by 2030. We simply cannot keep expanding our highways. We need to invest in our rail system; an underutilized asset that has the capacity to deal with the population increase we are projected to get.

The Solution

Currently, 408 miles of railroad track around Massachusetts are separated by the 1.2 mile gap between North and South Stations in Boston. The North South Rail Link (NSRL) would connect these stations with a 2.8 mile tunnel under the city – but the NSLR does more than just connect two stations.

North South Rail Link connects 408 miles of track via a tunnel in Boston.

NSRL will connect workers around the Commonwealth with the fastest growing region in the state. It will relieve skyrocketing housing costs in and around Boston by making it possible to live in a town far away and commute to any part of the city in less time. Connecting North and South Stations will unlock access to jobs for Gateway Cities, and attract the workforce needed to revitalize their economies. It is the nexus for a unified regional rail system that will provide subway-like service to communities across the Commonwealth.

What people are saying

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