June 12, 2015

Congressman Moulton to Vote No on Fast Track

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) today announced that he will vote against Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also known as “fast track,” when it comes to the floor of the House of Representatives later today. In January, he wrote a letter to President Obama and Ambassador Froman noting that he would not support TPA if it failed to include "sufficient input of our constituents’ concerns about labor, environmental, and human rights protections.” Congressman Moulton released the below statement on his opposition to fast track:

“I made a commitment to Massachusetts families that every vote I take will be based on the facts. My approach to giving fast track authority to the President has been no different. I have held dozens of meetings with my constituents and spoken to countless people on both sides of this debate. I weighed the arguments and waited to make an informed decision until the final text of the bill was available. In fact, even in the last few days, the bills we are voting on as part of this authority have changed several times.

"As proposed, fast track does not do enough to ensure future trade agreements require sufficient and enforceable labor and environmental protections. This authority is also quite long in duration and not specific to any of the trade agreements currently under negotiation; it could be used by our next president, whether a Democrat or Republican, regardless of whether he or she shares our concerns.

"I continue to believe that international trade is good for the American economy and Massachusetts workers when it is fair. Simply put, given a level playing field, the American worker can compete and win against any worker in the world.

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership has the potential to open new markets for American-made goods, grow our economy in Massachusetts, and raise labor and environmental standards for workers. While the opponents of the trade agreement have been loud and clear, the supporters are numerous as well and see the potential of new jobs as exports increase to previously closed markets and other nations meet the higher environmental and labor standards of America. That’s why it is so critical that a final trade agreement guarantees these high standards and ensures they are enforceable.

"I am going to continue working to make sure the President signs the strongest trade agreement possible, and when it comes time to vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, I will make a decision based on the details of the final agreement, always supporting the interests of the American worker and the United States of America.

“Finally, beyond the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we must continue fighting to close the opportunity gap in America and restore a strong middle class by preserving and creating good-paying jobs, improving our infrastructure, and investing in education. These are core American values and affect the backbone of our economy, our middle class.”

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