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Healthcare is a human right–this means that no matter your age, gender, or wealth, you should be afforded the same access to care. The Affordable Care Act, which became the law of the land in 2010, is in part based on a successful model first implemented in Massachusetts. As a result of the law, 12,000 residents in Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District who were previously uninsured now have quality, affordable health coverage; nearly 40,000 children with preexisting conditions can no longer be denied coverage by insurance companies; and more than 150,000 seniors can now receive preventative services through Medicare at no cost.

The Affordable Care Act has expanded affordable coverage, prevented people from going bankrupt to pay for lifesaving treatments, and has begun reducing the costs of health care. I’ve always said that I welcome improvements to the ACA to achieve better outcomes at lower costs and improve coverage for more Americans, and that’s what we should be focused on in Congress.

I’m working with Republicans and Democrats to make sure the law works for Massachusetts families. I am proud to have joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers as a cosponsor of the Protect Medical Innovation Act (H.R. 160). This legislation would repeal the costly medical device tax that is costing good-paying jobs in the medical technology industry in Massachusetts and raising the cost of medical devices for people who need them most. I will continue to support bipartisan solutions to strengthen the law moving forward.

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