September 01, 2021

Veteran Credits Rep. Seth Moulton For Family’s Rescue In Afghanistan

SALEM (CBS) – A former Afghan interpreter and U.S. soldier says his family is safe and out of Afghanistan, crediting Rep. Seth Moulton for their rescue. 

Said Noor is breathing much easier now that his family has been evacuated from Afghanistan safely. “The burden is off my shoulders you know I feel so much relief,” Noor explained.His brother sent him a selfie from the airport. 

“He is like I keep pinching myself,” Noor said. “I keep thinking I’m dreaming.”

Having served in the U.S. military, Noor contacted everyone he could think of. 

“I was losing my hope especially when there was that suicide attack,” Noor said. 

Nothing was working until Congressman Seth Moulton visited Afghanistan. A trip that came days after WBZ spoke with him about the situation unfolding there. 

“And then Friday night, it was late at night, he called me, his office called me to have my family go to one of the gas stations there,” he said. 

Noor’s family fighting through several Taliban checkpoints in the middle of the night.“They left everything behind, the only thing they brought was the clothes on their shoulders,” Noor said. “They had to leave the house they had to fight through the Taliban checkpoints they harassed them and beat them up.” 

Traveling with the seven of them, a code word, that would make or break their escape. One we know very well here in New England. 

“They arrived at the gas station they gave them a code word, Tom Brady,” Noor said. “So Americans showed and they said ‘do you know Tom Brady?’ and they said yes. They were like OK, you’re the right people and they picked them up.”

Noor’s family is now at an airport in Spain waiting to make their way to the U.S. Something he feels wouldn’t have been possible without the entire team at Congressman Moulton’s office. 

“I was so worried about my family that I’d text and call them at two o’clock in the morning and they would reply to me right away,” Noor explained. “They were working like days and nights you know.”

Moulton’s team says while it’s painful to consistently hear from people whose families were left behind, this outcome is welcomed. 

Noor is all smiles knowing his family is finally in good hands.“I can’t wait to see them,” he said.

By:  Lisa Gresci
Source: CBS Boston