September 23, 2016

The Daily Dot: House Passes Bill allowing Federal Workers to use Uber and Lyft

By: Aaron Sankin

It's been nearly two years since ride-hailing app Uber announced it was serving a million rides per day. Along with its mustachioed competitor Lyft and regional upstarts like Get Me, apps allowing passengers to hop into the backseats of moderately-vetted strangers' cars have become ubiquitous around globe and an important part of cities' transportation networks.

Even so, for employees of the U.S. federal government, there's been a major roadblock in using those transportation options for official business: not being able to get reimbursed for their travel expenses.

If, let's say, someone at the Department of Housing and Urban Development rides in a standard taxicab or takes the subway on a work trip, they can get compensated for the expense. However, if they use Lyft, Uber—or even takes the healthiest, greenest option and hops on a bike from a city bike-sharing program—they can't get paid back.

That may soon change.

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives passed the Modernizing Government Travel (MGT) Act, a bi-partiasn effort introduced by Reps. Will Hurd (R-Texas) and Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) that would expand approved transit options for federal employees to include ride-hailing and bike-sharing.

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